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We only get one body, and we want to make smart decisions for it.  I am the inventor, a healthcare worker for over 20 years, a Ministry leader and very passionate about providing a product that helps others to be as comfortable as possible when sitting down reading a good book or surfing the net. 

Laura Newport Beach, CA

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is a science-based discipline that brings together knowledge from other subjects such as anatomy and physiology, psychology, engineering and statistics to ensure that designs complement the strengths and abilities of people and minimise the effects of their limitations. Rather than expecting people to adapt to a design that forces them to read in an uncomfortable, stressful or dangerous way, ergonomists and human factors specialists seek to understand how a product, workplace or system can be designed to suit the people who need to use it.

Our product is specially designed with a higher base to keep your neck and shoulders in a more relaxed position. Latex free, and Hypoallergenic

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We strive to provide the best service in our industry and stand behind every item we sell. We hope you enjoy visiting our store and are pleased with every purchase you make.

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Ergonomics for extravagant comfort,


We understand the uncomfortable nature that goes along with everyday reading.  We look for ways to minimize stress to protect our neck, spine and wrists from the wearing effects that can prematurely age our bodies.  

Using the Wedgee by ergo reader while reading can help create comfortable positions for watching television, resting and/or recovering from surgery.  We strive to provide the best quality product in our industry and stand behind every item we sell. 

The Wedgee by ergo reader


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